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Master Uezu Demonstrates
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2016 OIKKA
World Championships 
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Master Angi Uezu Demonstrates Seiunchin Kata


OIKKA World Championships 

The 2016 OIKKA World Championships Tournament and Seminar was met with tremendous success. The event was held August 19th (seminar) and 20th (tournament), in Allentown, NJ. 
Participants from around the world came together to train, compete and share their passion for Isshinryu Karate and Kobu-do.

 The seminar included self defense and kata bunkai with Kaicho Christopher Chase; jiu kumite principles with Grandmaster Nick Adler; stick fighting with Grand Master Reese Rigby and bo kumite with Grand Master John Devine.

 The tournament had hundreds of competitors from Asia, Europe, North America and South America.  Grand Master Chase commented that the event was a culmination of the vision he shared with Grand Master Uezu, the support of the OIKKA officers and member dojo, and the careful planning of the host, Master Dan Patten.