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GEM Martial Arts
Webster, NY
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Master Uezu Performs
Hamahiga no
Tonfa Kata
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Tonfa Seminar with
Master Chase 

    2016 OIKKA
World Championships 
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Master Angi Uezu Performs Hamahiga no Tonfa Kata

Tonfa Seminar

Master Chase(r) down blocks a strike from Sensei Zach Dries 

Allentown, NJ- April 9
  OIKKA presented two tonfa seminars taught by Master Chase.  The first was a youth seminar that covered basic blocks, strikes, partner drills and a basic practice kata.  Parents were impressed by the many techniques the kids learned in a safe, fun enviroment.

  The second seminar was for adults of all ranks.  Master Chase began with the history of the origin and use of the tonfa and followed with blocks, strikes, self defense against the bo and Hamahiga no Tonfa Kata.  As the seminar drew to a close, Master Chase thanked his host Master Dan Patten for his gracious hospitality and assistance.


OIKKA World Championships 


The OIKKA is proud to present the 2016 OIKKA World Karate Championships, August 20, hosted by  Okinawan Isshinryu Karate of Allentown and Lacey, NJ.
Grand Champion Divisions in Black Belt and Under Black Belt Empty Hand Kata, Weapons Kata and Kumite.

 A seminar will be held Friday, the evening before the tournament, conducted by Senior Masters / Officers of the OIKKA.
For details regarding the tournament and seminar contact Master Dan Patten.

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