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Grand Master Angi Uezu
Founder of the O.I.K.K.A.
Chairman Emeritus, Special Advisor

Master Uezu earned notoriety as the world's leading authority on Isshinryu Karate. He is a 10th degree Black Belt and has trained in Isshinryu karate since 1957. Master Uezu was Master Shimabuku's number one student, and trained with the founder of Isshinryu karate on a daily basis for over 17 years.

Master Uezu is the perfect example of a karate master. His heart is the source of his strength. He has trained for 50 years in Isshinryu karate and has made it his goal to share his tremendous knowledge with his students. He truly is a master; one who understands the many hardships of life and also the many joys.

No matter how tired or how sick, he has always felt the need to share his knowledge. He has given of himself to so many people, and asked so little in return; only that his students train hard and continue to carry on his work. He has set a fine example for us to follow.